English Analogion

Byzantine Musical Compositions in English


1st Mode

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2nd Mode

2nd Dogmatic Theotokion – 2nd Mode

3rd Mode

3rd Dogmatic Theotokion – “How Can We Not Marvel”

4th Mode

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Plagal of the 1st Mode

Plagal 1st Vespers Stichera and Aposticha

Plagal of the 2nd Mode

Vespers Stichera – Plagal 2nd Mode – HC translation (Composed by Gabriel Cremeens. Some settings heavily edited from Hieromonk Seraphim Dedes.)

6th Dogmatic Theotokion – Plagal 2nd Mode

Grave Mode

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Plagal of the 4th Mode

8th Dogmatic Theotokion – Plagal 4th Mode

Plagal 4th Mode Resurrectional Aposticha

Praises, Plagal 4th Mode

 Eothina Doxastika

3rd Eothinon

6th Eothinon

Common Theotokia

Theotokion – Since Thou Receivest

Theotokion – We the Faithful Bless Thee

Theotokion – Lady, Do Thou Receive