English Analogion

Byzantine Musical Compositions in English


January 1st

Circumcision Idiomelon – “When the Saviour condescended”

Circumcision Idiomelon – “The supremely good God was not ashamed”

St. Basil the Great – Orthros Gospel Idiomelon

St. Basil the Great – Praises Doxastikon

January 2nd-5th

Theophany Prefestal Apolytikia

Doxastikon at the Aposticha of the Praises, January 2nd and 5th (“O Baptist John,” Plagal 4th Mode)

January 3rd

January 3rd – Doxastikon at the Aposticha (“At the Jordan River,” Plagal 1st Mode)

January 4th

Paraklesis to St Nikiforos (Original Text)

Paraklesis to St Nikiforos (Slightly Edited Text)

Saint Nikiforos the Leper – Apolytikion (Dismissal Hymn)

January 6th

“As Many as have been Baptized” (Anti-Trisagion for Baptismal Feasts)

Dynamis for Baptismal Feasts

Theophany Communion Hymn – (Plagal) 1st Mode

Theophany Communion Hymn – Grave Mode

January 7th

Synaxis of Saint John the Forerunner – Doxastikon at the Praises

January 11th

Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch – Aposticha Doxastikon

St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch – Orthros Idiomelon

January 15th

St. Paul of Thebes – Aposticha Doxastikon

January 17th

St. Anthony the Great – Orthros Idiomelon

January 19th

St. Macarius the Great – Aposticha Doxastikon

January 20th

St. Euthymius the Great – Orthros Idiomelon

January 21st

St. Maximus the Confessor – Vespers Doxastikon

Aposticha Doxastikon – St. Maximus (January 21st)

January 22nd

St. Timothy – Vespers Doxastikon

January 30th

Three Hierarchs – Doxastikon of the Aposticha

Three Hierarchs – Idiomelon after the Orthros Gospel