English Analogion

Byzantine Musical Compositions in English


June 11

St Luke the Surgeon

June 24

Idiomela at Lord, I have Cried

Doxastikon at Lord, I have Cried

Both Now at Lord, I have Cried

Idiomela at the Aposticha

Aposticha Doxastikon

Aposticha Both Now

Idiomelon after the Orthros Gospel

Praises Doxastikon – Older Setting

Praises Doxastikon – Newer Setting

Theotokion “Theotokos, you are the true vine” (For the Forerunner)

June 29

Vespers Stichera Prosomia for Sts. Peter and Paul (composed by Basil Crow)

June 29th – Sts Peter and Paul (GC)

June 29th – Entreaty Doxastikon