Byzantine Musical Compositions in English


November 4th

St. Joannicius the Great – Vespers Doxastikon

November 7th

Saint Lazarus – Aposticha and Praises Doxastikon

November 8th

The Holy Archangel Michael – Vespers Doxastikon 

November 8th – Vespers Theotokion – Menaion Text

November 8th – Vespers Theotokion – Doxastaria Text

The Holy Archangel Michael – Aposticha Doxastikon

November 8th – Orthros Idiomelon

November 8th – Praises Doxastikon and Theotokion (Gabriel Cremeens)

November 8th – Praises Doxastikon and Theotokion (Basil Crow)

November 9th

St. Nektarios – Vespers Doxastikon

St. Nektarios – Aposticha Doxastikon

St. Nektarios -Orthros Idiomelon

St. Nektarios – Praises Doxastikon and Theotokion

November 11th

St. Paul the Confessor – Aposticha Doxastikon

November 12th

Saint John the Almsgiver – Praises Doxastikon

For an audio recording and instructional video of the above Doxastikon, click here.

November 15th

November 15th – Sts. Guria, Shamuna, and Habib

November 16th

November 16th – St. Matthew the Evangelist

November 17th

November 17th – St. Gregory the Wonderworker (Vespers and Orthros Hymns)

November 21st

The Entry of the Theotokos Into the Temple – Vespers Doxastikon

November 26th

Saint Nicon “Repent-Ye” – Praises Doxastikon

November 30th

Saint Andrew – Idiomelon after the Orthros Gospel

Saint Andrew – Praises Doxastikon and Pre-Festal Theotokion