English Analogion

Byzantine Musical Compositions in English


1st Mode

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2nd Mode

2nd Dogmatic Theotokion – 2nd Mode

3rd Mode

3rd Dogmatic Theotokion – “How Can We Not Marvel”

4th Mode

Resurrectional Theotokion in 4th Mode, by Nicholas Roumas

Plagal of the 1st Mode

Plagal 1st Vespers Stichera and Aposticha

Plagal 1st Hymns of Ascent

Plagal of the 2nd Mode

Vespers Stichera – Plagal 2nd Mode – HC translation (Composed by Gabriel Cremeens. Some settings heavily edited from Hieromonk Seraphim Dedes.)

6th Dogmatic Theotokion – Plagal 2nd Mode

Grave Mode

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Plagal of the 4th Mode

8th Dogmatic Theotokion – Plagal 4th Mode

Plagal 4th Mode Resurrectional Aposticha

Praises, Plagal 4th Mode

 Eothina Doxastika

3rd Eothinon

6th Eothinon

Common Theotokia

Theotokion, 1st Mode – Since Thou Receivest

Theotokion, Plagal 1st Mode – We the Faithful Bless Thee

Theotokion, Plagal 4th Mode – Lady, Do Thou Receive

Common Theotokia (Translation by Life-Giving Spring Monastery, Dunlap CA)