English Analogion

Byzantine Musical Compositions in English


Sunday of Pascha

Christ Is Risen (Settings by Basil Crow)

Paschal Stichera

Entrance Hymn of Pascha

Communion Hymn of Pascha

Sunday of Thomas

Thomas Sunday – Vespers and Orthros

Heirmos of the 9th Ode – Brief and Long

Thomas Sunday Communion Hymn

Calophonic Heirmos – Basil Crow – Today is the springtime

Sunday of the Myrrhbearers

Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women – Vespers & Orthros Hymns

Doxastikon of the Aposticha

Doxastikon of the Aposticha (Western Notation)

Sunday of the Paralytic

Sunday of the Paralytic Vespers

Vesperal Doxastikon of the Paralytic, by Samuel Herron

Sunday of the Paralytic – Praises Glory

Megalynarion at Liturgy – Sunday of the Paralytic

Wednesday of Mid-Pentecost

Mid-Pentecost – Doxastikon at the Aposticha

Mid-Pentecost – Doxastikon at the Praises

Communion Hymn of Mid-Pentecost – 4th Mode Agia

Mid-Pentecost – Idiomelon at Wednesday Vespers

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Samaritan Woman – Vespers Idiomela and Doxastikon

Samaritan Woman – Doxastikon at the Aposticha

Megalynarion – Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Sunday of the Blind Man

Blind Man – Vespers Doxastikon

Blind Man Sunday – Idiomela and Doxastika

Thursday of Ascension

Ascension Orthros Hymns

Communion Hymn for the Ascension – 4th Mode Agia

Sunday of the Holy Fathers of Nicaea

Doxastikon at “Lord, I have Cried”

Doxastikon at the Aposticha

Doxastikon of the Praises

Saturday of Souls

Coming soon…

Sunday of Pentecost

The Hymn of Pentecost, “Heavenly King”, Sticheraric (by Basil Crow)

The Hymn of Pentecost, “Heavenly King”, in various settings (by Phillip Phares)

Pentecost – Praises Stichera (Slow)

Pentecost – Praises Stichera (Fast)

9th Ode of Pentecost – “Without sustaining corruption” – Diatonic Grave Mode

Communion Hymn of Pentecost – “Thy good Spirit shall lead me in the land of uprightness. Alleluia.” 1st Mode, by Basil Crow

Alternate Communion Hymn of Pentecost – “We entreat Thee, O Friend of man: Take not Thy Holy Spirit from us. Alleluia” Grave Mode, by Gabriel Cremeens

Sunday of All Saints

Apolytikion, by Nicholas Roumas

Communion Hymn – Elizabethan English

Communion Hymn – Modern English

Sunday of All Saints of North America

All Saints of North America – Vespers Hymns

All Saints of North America – Apolytikion

Sunday of the New Martyrs of the Turkish Yoke

New Martyrs – Vespers and Aposticha Doxastika